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2009年11月 9日 (月)

To all our SD fans in the USA!





「FDQ限定 SD13 静」のお写真camera


■ボークスUSA オータム2009









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This is the Doll Design Department.

At last this weekend we'll be holding our 'Private Party in Tenshi-no-Sato'.
Yesterday was the closing date for responses regarding participation.
Thank you so very much for your many requests to take part in the 'Kachu-an Special Inspection Tour' and so on!

We'll be posting the winners for the 'SD Photo Studio' and 'Kachu-an Special Inspection Tour' here in the blog tomorrow. Don't miss it.

And did you know, this weekend we're also holding an event in America for SD fans to gather together!

And together with the details of our Volks USA event, we'd also like to share with you some pictures of 'FDQ Limited SD13 Shizu' that we took submissions for previously via the 'VS/VIP * Blog'!


~*~ Volks USA Autumn 2009
Event Rush! SD Workshop ~*~

Date: November 14th (Sat)
Volks USA Members Only Event
(application required in advance)
* Go to the 'Volks USA Inc.' Website!

A grand gathering of Super Dollfie Owners in the USA!

There'll be plenty of excitement at the SD Workshop and Reception!
Our SD Makeup Artist and Doll Doctors who are taking part all the way from Japan are very enthused about it!

We're planning to report the details of the event to you here in the 'VS/VIP * Blog', so we hope that you SD fans in Japan will be looking forward to it too...

And now, and now, those girls you can't stop thinking about.

Those Shizus who alighted to be with their Owners this year in the USA...
What might they be up to now...?


FDQ Limited 'SD13 Girl Shizu'
Photo Exhibition!

* Our 'VS/VIP * Blog' post about entries is here!

'SD13 Shizu' made her debut as a Limited edition for the USA Doll-centric magazine 'Fashion Doll Quarterly (FDQ)' this year.

She was so incredibly popular that in but the blink of an eye she vanished from the FDQ Website, but...

After that, she safely made her way home to the many Super Dollfie fans in the USA, clad in her vivid kimono and her gentle expression.

When we asked for photos of 'Shizu' here in the 'VS/VIP * Blog', without delay we received such an overwhelming number of images of Shizu, already being raised by her Owners with so much love and devotion...!

First of all, let's start with this Shizu!

Owner: Meef
「These photos of the Volks LA opening Shizu and the new FDQ Shizu together. :) 」

Wow! A shot together with 'Shizu' who debuted when Volks USA first opened in 2005!
You've been taking such good care of her all this time, haven't you!

Owner: LaBella
「Meet Lu, short for Louisa, (named after my Great-Grandmother). She is a very  intelligent lady. She graduated from the University and is now Head-Librarian. Lu loves books!」

Her grey eyes have an intellectual feel.
It must be lovely to be able to enjoy reading lots of books together with your Owner!

Owner: Kelly
「My beautiful Shizu is enjoying her new home by the beach in California!」

Shizu is truly enjoying herself in California.
Next time we take photo submissions, we'll certainly be looking forward to seeing photos of her at the beach!

Owner: Beamlette
「Silvana takes a coffee break at her favorite cafe.」

A lovely lady passing an elegant moment at a sidewalk cafe.
You certainly can't forget your sunglasses when going out...

Owner: Sevyn
「Shizu welcomed home by the family dragon (made by my  daughter for her)」

Certainly if you're together with such a reliable dragon, you won't be scared even when your Owner has to leave you behind at home!

Owner: Marianna
「Mariah has arrived in time to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage that is experienced in this part of the country.」

The autumn foliage and the Japanese flowers suit each other perfectly.
Be sure to visit 'Tenshi-no-Sato' during the beautiful autumn period as well, won't you!

Owner: Laura
「Tiana is my Greek princess and she is the girlfriend of Julien, my Volks Irvin.」
「Tianaは私のギリシャのお姫様で、Julien(アーヴィン) の恋人です。」

They're such an adorable couple!
And her ruby red lips are so striking against their black outfits...

Owner: Rose
「I am so happy that Shizu made another appearance in the USA.
She was here to welcome us when Volks arrived in USA, and now she is here again.
I am so happy and lucky to welcome here to my home and to stay with me and my SuperDollfie family.」

And last of all, a stunning beauty looking back.
It's as if she's gazing right through the lens at her Owner.

Thank you all so very, very much for sharing your pictures with us.
Please be sure to continue to add many pages to your album of Shizu's smiles!


And we hope that you'll look forward to tomorrow's blog post...

The Doll Design Department



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